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Health means that a person is in good physical, mental and social condition. The traditional concept of health is “health without disease”, while the modern concept of health is holistic health. According to the explanation given by the World Health Organization: Health not only refers to a person have a disease or weak, or refers to a person’s physical, psychological and social health state, takes the lead in putting forward the modern health scholars yi-fu sung “the keeping in good health shall be repaired before heart” theory, thus the psychological health is as important as physical health, this is a relatively complete scientific concept of modern about health. Therefore, modern health includes: physical health, mental health, mental health, social health, intelligence health, moral health, environmental health and so on. Health is a basic human right. The first wealth is health. Health is a state of mind.

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1. Full of energy, able to deal with daily life and work pressure in a leisurely manner without feeling too nervous.


2, optimistic, positive attitude, willing to take responsibility, not critical details.


3, good at rest, sleep well.


4. Strong adaptability and can adapt to various changes in the environment.


5, can resist the general cold and infectious diseases.


6. Normal weight, uniform figure, coordinated head, shoulder and arm position when standing.


7, bright eyes, sharp reaction, eye muscles relaxed, eyelid inflammation.


8, teeth clean, no cavity, no pain; Gums are normal color and no bleeding.


9,Shiny hair, no dandruff.


10,Muscles and skin are elastic, and walking is easy and powerful


11,Even if the body is ill the heart will be strong, keep a good mood, full of hope for life


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