How to Pick a Good Hand Washer for America

Due to the epidemic, frequent hand washing has also become a habit. The general hand sanitizer is not only troublesome when pressing, but also causes secondary cross-contamination. However, you don’t have to worry about this problem when hand washing machine, and the design of automatic foaming also makes children prefer to wash their hands.

Moreover, the use cost of auto soap dispenser  is not high. It can be said that washing soap dispenser is definitely a small household appliance worth starting.

physical dimension
1. No matter what product you buy, the first thing to look at is the appearance. If the appearance is too ugly, most people will not start. In terms of appearance, our soap dispenser is very cute and will definitely be loved by children.
2. The button of the duck automatic soap dispenser is on the top of the machine, which is very convenient to operate, so that it will not cause bubbles due to false induction when it is turned off.
3. As a small electrical appliance placed on the sink, the size of the hand washing machine is also very important, and the most important thing is the height. And the size of our dispenser: 95*180*80mm. Very convenient to carry and place.
Induction ability
1. As a washing machine, the quality of the automatic induction determines whether the washing machine is easy to use. The foaming speed of our washing machine is 0.25 seconds. The response is very fast and sensitive.
2. The infrared sensing position of our mobile phone is also very wide, and the hand can be sensed without being completely close to the mobile phone. When the foam comes out, it will not accumulate to the bubble outlet.
Foaming fineness

1. As a auto soap dispenser, in addition to the sensing ability, the fineness of the foam is also very important. From the front, the foam of the Automatic soap dispenser is very fine and uniform, there are no large bubbles or liquids, and the hand feel is very good.
battery life
1. At present, the battery life of the hand soap dispenser mainly depends on the power supply mode and the capacity of the hand sanitizer. These two points determine the battery life of the hand sanitizer. Our machine only needs 3 batteries to last a long time. The capacity of the hand sanitizer is 220ml, which is enough for three months.

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Post time: Feb-22-2022