Music, light, charge three in one, a few light music lamp experience

Desk lamps, Bluetooth speakers and chargers are all essential necessities in my life. Would you be interested in a digital product that combines them all and looks good? When I saw a few wireless charging music desk lamp, I was enchanted. At first because of its appearance design and moved, later found that it is quite connotation. Because it not only has warm light, still have magical charging function at the same time, and can play wonderful music, especially in the home emotional appeal, look together!


This multi-light wireless charging music desk lamp is a carefully designed product, which is not only reflected in its products, even the packaging is very delicate, if you want to give it as a gift to friends and relatives, then you can even save the gift paper.


Simplify the complex, with fresh and creative modeling. With a body size of 201 X 51X 191mm, the lamp doesn’t take up much space when placed. Its appearance design has an obvious Nordic style, with bluetooth speaker as the main part of the round body, simple decoration of its front panel, the bottom of the anti-skid pad, simple and harmonious colors, giving a sense of artistic small and fresh.


It can rotate 180 degrees or so and adjust the Angle freely. The damping of lamp pole is also larger, the problem of shaking or shift won’t appear after adjusting, and the raised entity key on collocation panel can be adjusted easily.


Carried the loudspeaker unit of 5W, although power is not very big, but the sound box that regards bed side as near body is used, the loudness of its sound is enough still, and tone quality performance is better than a lot of on my imagination, 3 frequency is relatively balanced, without apparent short board, listen to the music of type of bit popularity, human voice or no problem.


In the middle of the panel is a place where the phone can be charged wirelessly. If the phone has wireless charging capability, it can be automatically charged by placing it in the panel area. Moreover, when charging to about 90%, it can also automatically slow down the current straight into the phone, effectively extending the life of the phone battery.


What attracts me most is the design of the table lamp, which has three different color temperatures and can adjust the brightness. Moreover, the warm white light is soft and flicker-free, which is very suitable for night light or atmosphere light. And the daytime effect is more versatile, especially on the desk can also be very well integrated, integrated.


I think a good life should be to simplify, a few light wireless charging music lamp design is the original intention, it will be lighting, wireless charging, Bluetooth speakers, mobile phone bracket and other practical functions set in one, the desktop becomes simple, this is not what we like to see? That’s why I want to plant grass for you.

Post time: Oct-06-2021