Principle and function of fascia gun

The fascia gun, also known as the deep myofascial impingement instrument, is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the body’s soft tissues through high-frequency impingement. The fascia gun can be thought of as a civilian version of the DMS (Electric Deep Muscle Stimulator). The vibration rate varies when used, and the basic function is similar to that of the DMS. The fascia gun is an effective method to treat soft tissue pain. It stimulates its proprioceptive function through stable vibration frequency, and then plays an effective role in alleviating muscle tension and achieving the purpose of pain relief.

Fascia gun principle is to use its internal special high-speed motor to drive the “spear”, by the high frequency vibration will force and vibration transmitted to the body’s fascia, deep muscle, thereby less local tissue tension, the effect of increasing the flow of blood to the tissue, muscle relaxation, and can make the body’s tissues to produce relative displacement by the resonance, reduce tissue adhesion, restore the elasticity of muscle and fascia, Relaxation of tight and stiff fascia and promotion of blood circulation can relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms of the human body. And the fascia gun can help to improve the pain symptoms of fasciitis patients and promote muscle and soft tissue recovery.

The fascia gun usually has two round heads. The big round head is usually used for shoulder and back, buttocks and thighs. Small round heads are usually used for large muscles such as arms and calves. When using the fascia gun, it should be used along the direction of the human muscle texture and fascia, not only at the sore point of the muscle. However, the fascia gun should not be used in the head, cervical spine, spine, neck, clavicle, armpit, popliteal fossa, knee joint, elbow joint and other parts with a large number of nerves and blood vessels.

Post time: Apr-13-2021