SUN-ALPS ZhaoLong(CAMBODIA)—Your new Partner A Strategic Partnership

SUN-ALPS(Cambodia) is the first overseas factory directly invested and established by the parent company Ningbo Zhaolong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. It was officially started construction on December 2nd, 2019, and completed the main construction and basic decoration of the factory in July 2020.

The factory occupies more than 10,000 square meters  and is divided into production area, office area and living area.

The production area will set up SMT workshop; injection workshop; tooling maintenance workshop; assembly workshop; packaging workshop and standardized warehouse.

Living area will set up canteen; staff dormitory and  recreation room.


Our Factory Is Located In Phnom Penh 


Organization Structure

图片3Fully Integrated Manufacturing


Factory display

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SUN-ALPS(CAMBODIA) Benefit for you

Low import tax from Cambodia to USA

 A one-stop shop for Led Lights and LED Flash Lights;

 100% Commitment  to Quality

 UL, CUL Approvals

 Disney, Walmart (Green light) factory audit aproved.


A passion for excellence.

The strength to service.

A commitment to quality.

The drive to compete.

A desire to listen and respond.

The willingness to innovative.


Post time: Feb-28-2022