The advantages and precautions of infrared induction soap dispenser

With the continuous improvement of public awareness of home disinfection, the intelligent application of disinfection products has become a current hot trend. Hands are the most common parts of life to touch all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms, so the importance of washing hands is self-evident. But if use traditional press type hand sanitizer or scrub type soap to exist interwear continue to infect the possibility. As a disinfectant “core” products, infrared sensor soap dispensers will become standard in every home and public places.
The advantages of infrared induction soap dispenser
1. The induction soap dispenser is different from the contact soap dispenser, which eliminates the possibility of cross-infection and is more suitable for the search for health problems.
2. The induction soap dispenser belongs to the high-tech design field, which adds the smell of science and technology to the rigid days.
3. Infrared induction soap dispenser is more convenient for children to use.
4. Infrared induction soap liquid device uses small power, low cost, family use is also very cost-effective.

Attention to the use of infrared induction soap dispenser
1. The induction soap dispenser has a low scale area of soap liquid. When the soap liquid is used in less places, it is necessary to supplement it in time, otherwise the soap dispenser will not be able to produce liquid.
2. Inductive soap dispensers can not be washed with water. Generally, soap dispensers are ABS resin materials or stainless steel materials, and only need to be quietly wiped with wet towels
3. Avoid bumping, pounding and falling during operation, otherwise it may damage the precise structure of the induction soap distill and lead to failure to operate.
4. When the induction soap dispenser is no longer used for a long time or the battery should be removed from the bottom of the machine to avoid battery leakage and damage to the machine.
5. Please do not tilt the body of the sensor soap dispenser to avoid leakage of hand sanitizer.
6. Please put the induction soap dispenser in the normal ambient temperature, do not put it in the sunlight environment, otherwise it may affect the use function of the product.

Post time: Apr-13-2021