The history of the Massage gun

The massage gun as we know it was invented in 2008 in the garage of a physical therapist who was looking for a way to treat his injuries and muscle aches after a motorcycle accident.

Many people suffer from chronic muscle pain. Whether it is a minor injury during exercise, a professional athlete or a person who stands all day, chronic muscle pain can be a burden.
However, visiting physical therapists and massage professionals can be expensive. This is why many people choose to treat at home. Not only can it save a few dollars, but tools like massage guns can be very effective in relieving temporary and chronic muscle pain.
Massage gun is a technology that enables users to get all the benefits of vibration therapy. This means that the massage gun uses a mechanism that works by transmitting vibrations through the body without oil or therapist.
Massage guns are based on a specific subset of vibration therapy and are different from massage chairs. It is shaped like a gun and can be held in the hand to exert pressure on the surface of the skin. This means that users can get many of the same tension and pain relief benefits as traditional therapists.
The working principle of the massage gun is to massage the surface of the skin by percussion. This massage has the effect of promoting blood flow to specific parts of the body. This enhanced blood flow allows nutrients, plasma, and other naturally occurring healing properties to flow to the site where the gun is used.
The working principle of the massage gun is similar to the Swedish massage. This means that some models can be applied to petrissage and some are applicable to effulge. However, the main working principle of the massage gun is to move the nutrient-rich liquid to its application site by tapping. A study published by the National Institutes of Health pointed out that vibration therapy is as effective as massage in treating delayed-onset muscle soreness.
Most people may not know that massage guns have appeared in one form or another since the early 1970s. However, these heavy, large and cumbersome percussion massagers are completely different from the massage guns we know today.
The massage gun was invented in 2008 by Jason Werseland, a chiropractor in Los Angeles. Like any great invention, the massage gun is driven by need.
In 2007, on the way to his last college exam, Werseland lost control of his motorcycle and suffered a catastrophic back injury. By Christmas that year, his backache and soft tissue damage had almost occupied his life. This is when he walked into the garage, put some equipment together, and made himself a hand-held massager. This invention provided the required release of myofascial tissue for Werseland’s soft tissue injuries, and it quickly became a highly sought after product for athletes and sports teams around the world.
The first product to be launched is TheraGun G1-the first of multiple generations of TheraGun. TheraGun is not only the flagship company that popularizes massage guns, but also the only truly important player in the market before 2016.
In 2016, the famous massage technology company TimTam launched Power Massager. The powerful massager is the true innovation of TheraGun G1. Now, there are two key players in the market. Not only has competition intensified, but soon massage guns have also begun.
This massage gun not only has excellent battery performance, but also has a one-button trigger and antibacterial plastic, which makes it feel smooth and powerful.
Since 2016, the massage gun has really taken off, and TheraGun has launched the second iteration of its original model. This is due in part to athletes like Kyrie Irving, who used the massage gun in the 2017 NBA Finals. Athletes including Marcus Peters and Cristiano Ronaldo are often found using massage guns to relieve muscle soreness and promote recovery after exercise.
Around this time, other players also appeared on the market. These include the Hypervolt massage gun released by Hyperice, which has a low volume and improved ergonomic handling.
To say the least, the latest developments in the field of massage guns are exciting. Hydragun is undoubtedly the quietest massage gun on the market, with a battery life of up to 6 hours, is very light, has a six-speed setting, and is a reasonably priced model.
TheraGun Pro has six gun tips, a swivel arm and an ergonomic multi-handle option. Other brands focus on myofascial release in the neck and even the legs. Some models are equipped with LED screens to ensure that your settings are suitable for your personal needs.
If you suffer from diseases such as arthritis or osteoporosis, it is best to consult your doctor before using equipment such as massage guns. It is important to use the massage gun correctly to get the most benefit from it, and even to avoid harm to yourself.
For athletes or people who travel frequently, this massage gun is equipped with a suitcase are very lightly, while still providing a powerful massage experg decisions, saving them time and money.

Post time: Oct-28-2021