The origin and application of automatic soap dispensers

In daily life, hand sanitizer is a kind of skin care cleanser which is mainly used to clean hands. Some specific ingredients can play a role in disinfecting and sterilizing the skin. To make it easier to store and use hand sanitizers, people put them in soap dispensers. Common soap dispensers are mostly manual soap dispensers. When using, we need to press the soap dispenser by hand and drive the power mechanism to extrude the hand sanitizer out of the soap dispenser, so it is inconvenient to use.

To solve this problem, an automatic soap dispenser has been developed, which automatically senses reaching out of the foam, and turns off automatically when the appropriate hand sanitizer is pressed out. It is the use of infrared automatic sensing, hand out hand soap (foam). The quantity of liquid can be controlled and adjusted freely. It can be used without touching the bottle body and mouth. It is convenient to take liquid, clean and hygienic, and eliminates the possibility of cross infection.
The inductive hand sanitizer is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the hand is placed in the inductive area of the hand sanitizer, the infrared light emitted by the infrared emitting tube is reflected through the human hand to the infrared receiving tube, and the processed signal is sent to the pulse solenoid valve to control the hand sanitizer system. It has the advantages of stable operation, strong anti-light interference ability, sensitive induction and so on. Infrared sensor automatic spray liquid, suitable for various disinfectant, potion/hand sanitizer use; Low energy drive circuit design, make the battery service life is longer, suitable for star hotel, restaurants, hotels, public places, hospitals, airports, household, food, chemical, electronics, high-end office buildings, shopping malls, large banquet hall, spa resort, kindergartens, schools, Banks, such as the airport lounge, family use, is an ideal choice in public places.

Post time: Apr-13-2021