Why do I try to use the massage gun every day

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Some people are only blessed in the genetics department when it comes to physical agility. Others are not born athletes, but can achieve certain fitness goals through hard work. There are people like me who know that athletic ability is not one of their strengths at all, although not because of lack of experimentation.
My body is very tight-and not very good. I’m just not flexible, and sometimes I can barely touch my knees. However, some days I won and was able to hit the freckles on my calf with my fingertips about 2 inches below my kneecap. Despite countless years of stretching, physical therapy, and five days of exercise a week, this is the biggest improvement I have made.
This lack of flexibility combined with the same shameful lack of coordination means that I am not an athlete at all, which is good. However, I have been running since I was in my 20s, and I have been running since then-not because I am good at running, but because it has an impact on my mental health. So, despite the challenges and limitations of my body, I still run marathons and half marathons.
In the past two years, I have also joined Orangetheory training. With the help of my dedicated coach, I have been able to modify various exercises to fit my limited range of motion. But after noticing my inconvenience, a coach asked me if I had tried a massage gun.
Sean Lynch is a certified personal trainer, Orangetheory coach and studio owner. He found that impact therapy is very effective for his personal recovery from sports-related training. He shared with me after observing the problems I encountered My experience is that my legs, buttocks, and buttocks are tight and accompanied by low back pain.
The massage gun he recommends is aimed at large and small muscle groups and provides concentrated deep tissue massage. “Massaging the primary and secondary muscles from specific exercises or HIIT exercises can release pressure, increase blood flow and break down scar tissue,” he explained. “This will increase ROM, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury and shortening the recovery time after exercise.”
Although I am skeptical, I have used Hyperice’s vibrating foam roller before, and I appreciate how it helps my IT strap pain after a long run. In addition, working at home during isolation will undoubtedly affect my back tightness, because the time spent sitting in the temporary work area has increased, which is completely unergonomic. So I decided to try a massage gun.
This handheld device provides three levels of vibration, up to 3,200 beats per minute (PPM), allowing you to apply appropriate pressure to every part of your body. It is also equipped with five different head attachments to target specific areas. It weighs less than 3 pounds, can be used for up to two and a half hours per charge, and works with a Bluetooth connection application that can control the speed.
Full disclosure: As soon as I open this little power ball and press it on my hip, it will hurt-but in the best way. When I increased my speed, the voice I made told us—this kind of targeted information is not a joke, but what my body needs.
Lynch suggested that I start with the larger muscle groups at the lowest setting, and then increase to the next speed based on the feeling. After 15-20 minutes of using it on my back, buttocks and legs for the first time, I felt a significant difference in the overall tightness of my body. A quick bend test showed that I can easily get over freckles and get closer to the toe than ever before.
To be clear, this is by no means a permanent repair or cure, but it has become a tool I try to use every day, if not before and after every exercise. It has become my back thanks to my routine before and after exercise.
筋膜枪4There are other highly recommended massage gun options for your consideration.
Theragun Prime is designed with an ergonomic multi-handle handle to help you hold the massage gun more comfortably in different positions. It also has smart application integration, can recommend guides based on your activities, and the customizable speed range is between 1,750 and 2,400 PPM. It is also equipped with four accessory heads and a lithium-ion battery, which can be used for 120 minutes per charge.
In addition to the lifetime warranty, this deep tissue massage gun also comes with a carrying case and four head attachments for different parts of the body. It is also very portable, weighs 1.5 pounds, is equipped with a 6-hour rechargeable battery, and has five different intensity levels, with a speed of up to 3,200 RPM.
M3 Pro Max can provide up to 6 hours of battery life and four intensity level speed settings per charge, with a speed of up to 3,300 RPM. It weighs 2.5 pounds, has a 15-minute automatic closing function, and is equipped with five head attachments and a carrying case.
Although it is not a massage gun, this vibrating foam roller can provide high-intensity vibration at three speeds. According to my experience, it is worth mentioning. The vibrating rechargeable lithium-ion battery is located in the core of the foam roller and is wrapped in dense polypropylene foam. It provides one-button speed control and can be used for up to two hours per charge.
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Post time: Oct-25-2021