Table standing hand foam touchless automatic liquid foaming soap dispenser

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Automatic soap dispenser, no contact hand washing.
Change the traditional manual pressing method and opening method, bid farewell to tedious steps.

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Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

Adorable Duck design gets kids enthusiastic about washing hands!

Quick Response Infrared sensor with wide induction range
Hygienic hands-free soap dispenser keeps dirt, grime, and germs off “clean” area


Near field Infrared Sensor


Battery Operated
Requires 3-AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)


Requires Foaming Soup Only

Use only FOAMING liquid Soap. You may use regular liquid soap and dilute in a ratio of 3:1 (Water: Soap) or purchase pre-made liquid foaming soaps. (Soap Not Included

Water resistant: IPX4

Touch hand over sensor. Green LED light means Ready to dispense soap.


Red LED Light means low battery.


To Use

-Once batteries are loaded, it is best to hold dispenser from the back – with hand facing away from nose (sensor) to move to desired location on sink. Otherwise, if holding from side or front, the near field infrared sensor will trigger, and soap will be dispensed.
-Place hand under Duck’s beak to fill with foaming soap. Indicator light will turn green when batteries are full.
-Return hand to sensor again if you desire more soap to be dispensed. Sensor will turn blue.
-LED Indicator light will turn red when batteries are low.
Product Model:QQ318
Rated Voltage:4.5V
Net Weight: 0.59 .lbs. without batteries
Material: ABS
Dimensions: 3.74”L * 3.15” W * 7.1H”

Little boy waiting for washing hand
Bathroom interior in light beige and white colors. Round ceramic washbasins. Mirrors, plastic soap dish and chrome faucets for washing hands after a toilet. Design with dark facing tiles.

Product Features

1.Touchless quick-response Infrared sensor. Eliminates cross-contamination of germs by enabling automatic dispensing of foaming soap.
2.IPX4 Waterproof and ABS outer exterior ensures that Soap dispenser will continue to work when mishaps occur when accidently dropped in water.
3.Quick response infrared sensor can dispense foaming soap within 2.5 seconds upon activation. Fast response time means handwashing is both hygienic and effortless.
4.Multi-use Soap Dispenser can be used for Dish-washing soap, hand-soap dispenser, or bath and bathroom soap dispenser.


Item No. Description of goods FOB  NINGBO USD/pcs Package
3000 3000-10000 10000PCS
QQ318 Automatic motion activated Soap Dispenser injection Finish 5.05 injection Finish 4.88 injection Finish 4.65 each in white mail box; then 24PCS/CTN, Carton size: 412*275*245MM; 22,200PCS/925CTNs/20';  47,040PCS/1960CTNS/40';
Switch On/OFF
LCD IndicatorWhen it is powered on or working the LCD light is green. When it is off or the batteries are low, the LCD display is red.
Water resistantIPX4
Volume of SoapMax. 220ML, not included
Battery Capacity3 AA batteries(not included) , it works 9 hours continuously.
Model SizeL:H:W):95*180*80mm
Weight:266.4g (without  battery)

①  Twist bottle to the right to open.


② Lightly press battery compartment to remove, install 3-AA fresh batteries.


③ Fill container to LINE with liquid soap. Then add water to fill bottle to top. With finger over hole, lightly shake to mix soap and water.


④ Insert bottle into dispenser and twist left to close (move to most left position)


⑤ Lightly tap indicator light to turn on dispenser. Dual level control: Green Indicator Light: Turns on dispensing of soap. Red Indicator Light – Turns off Approximately 1.2ml is dispensed each time.


⑥ Position hand under beak of duck to receive foaming soap

About This Item

Free Touch & 2.5s Quick ResponseCompared to other hand soap dispenser, our automatic soap dispenser has adopted the precise infrared motion and PIR sensor detection technology, which gives you the touchless experience and will dispense soap consistently and quickly within just 2.5 seconds.

Auto-Clean ModeJust press the power button, the soap dispenser will release foam hand lotion automatically within 2.5 seconds when the sensor detects your hands to meet different places and you need. Equipped the 220ml capacity, no need to refill frequently.

Durable That Will Last for YearsMade of high-quality ABS material, the soap dispenser is durable and own long using life span. The soap dispenser is powered by 3 AAA batteries (Not Included), one replacement can be used for about 3 months.

IPX6 WaterproofThe soap dispenser is equipped with IPX6 waterproof and leak-proof technology to prevent soap or water from corroding circuit boards, especially in wet locations such as the bathroom or kitchen sink.

Easy to Use and Widely ApplicationNo longer need to touch the soap dispenser, just put your hand under the sensor to use the soap dispenser so as to avoiding cross-infection effectively. Extremely suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, offices, schools, airports, hospitals, kindergartens, hotels and restaurants and other public places.

Steps to Wash Your Hands


Wash hand palm with palm


Rubbing the back of the hand with the palm


Cross rubbing of ten fingers


Wash the wrist


Turn the thumb around


Rubbing fingertips

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