Wall mount electric automatic foam soap dispenser

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Automatic soap dispenser, no contact hand washing.
Change the traditional manual pressing method and opening method, bid farewell to tedious steps.

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This machine is an intelligent induction soap sterilizer, specially designed for users to wash their hands, sterilize and disinfect.

Gel type: it is recommended to use well-known brand gel:
Spray type: medical disinfectant alcohol is recommended:
Foam type: it is recommended to use foam hand sanitizer, the ratio of hand sanitizer to water is 1:9, shake well and pour into the box:
Atomized: Medical disinfectant alcohol is recommended.

When the liquid is first loaded, it needs to be inducted several times. Only when the liquid flows into the internal pipeline can the liquid be normally discharged.
When the machine is fixed and installed on the wall, a safe distance of at least 40cm should be reserved from the desktop to avoid false induction.
When the machine is filled with water, do not tilt, so as not to pour the liquid in the box into the machine, causing trouble.
During the use of the machine, due to natural factors such as weather and temperature, there may be water droplets or a small amount of liquid residue in the mouth of the machine, which is a normal phenomenon. Please wipe it clean with a towel.
Please avoid immersing the machine in water or washing it directly with water to avoid short circuit. If cleaning is needed, please wipe the surface of the machine with a wet towel.
Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to turn off the machine after each use. The machine will automatically enter standby state after starting up and you can stretch your hand.
During maintenance, please be sure to turn off the machine, remove the battery from the machine and pour out the liquid in the box.
If the machine is not used for a long time, it is suggested to turn off the switch of the machine. Pour out the liquid in the box and clean it, and dry it thoroughly.
Take out the dry battery and keep it properly to avoid damp and leakage.
When choosing the gel and battery in the machine, it is recommended to choose the well-known brand to buy, such as using inferior gel or battery, which may cause a series of problems such as machine interface blockage, no gel, layered drawing of gel, short use time and so on.

Four styles are optional, can be customized as needed, customized color, LOGO, packaging box, etc.
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Bathroom sink with a mirror hanging above it and a potted plant standing to the left of it. 3d rendering.


NAME Smart induction soap sterilizer

Foaming soap dispenser

TYPE Gels,Sprays,Foams,Aerosols
PRODUCT SIZE 110*100*225mm PACKING SIZE 125*125*260mm
COLOR Gray,deep gray,pink,orange WEIGHT 430g

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